Treating Pets in Pain with SCENAR

with Dr. Lorry Vanbergen Lorry takes a look a the pain relief for an injured dog Dr’s John and Lorry will be discussing this subject on a new edition of the Keith Scott-Mumby show in the very near future, dates are to be announced.

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Flu Emergency Kit

Are You Prepared? A study of the different Homeopathic remedies takes us to the following leading remedy for today’s symptoms. Having had a personal experience in our own household we know firsthand of the power of Homeopathy in these most frustrating, journalistic, fear driven times. Though we have come up with a full “First Aid” […]


Fibromyalgia patients succesfully treated with Scenar

Fibromyalgia patients were invited to experience a treatment with Ritmscenar devices during the 2008 fybromialgia patients day in Zwolle, The Netherlands on May 17th. During the whole day patients were randomly selected from the audience and treated by Dr. Nina Korounia and René Quintus and the results received were very positive. The average pain indication […]


Scientific Basis for a New Medical Paradigm

With its hundred billion cells, its trillion interconnections, the human brain remains the most complex phenomenon in the universe. Soliciting the brain’s help in fixing its often ailing host, the body, has been up to now a daunting task.  The dynamic electrical flux through which the living brain conducts its millisecond by millisecond business, poses […]

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