Skull or Comb

The SCENAR Skull or Comb Probe Is used to stimulate zones on skull, to treat animals. As with all SCENAR attachments you will be able to connect to your device with a connection wire. Please see the accessories area to order the necessary lead. To Purchase ‘Click Here’


Face Probe

The SCENAR Face Probe The Face Probe was specifically designed for treating small children or zones on adult face. This electrode can be a good alternative to a bigger built-in electrode on the SCENAR frame, specially when it is difficult to accesss mall parts of the body.  And, in general, this electrode is much easier […]


Pencil Probe

The SCENAR Point or Pencil Probe Is designed to treat acupuncture points. It can be successfully used by a reflexotherapist instead of a set of needles. To Purchase ‘Click Here’


Point Diverse Electrode

The SCENAR Point Diverse Electrode The Point diverse electrode works with all SCENAR Devices Points of the head – Eyes and Acupuncture Points. To purchase ‘Click Here’


Vaginal/Rectal Probe

The SCENAR Vaginal/Rectal Probe Treatment of urogenital system and pelvic floor. Diameter – 12 mm , Length – 120 mm . To purchase ‘Click Here’


Bell Probe

The SCENAR Bell or Pawn Probe Work with joints, back , illnesses of a throat, work on a face ( for cosmetic ) and on other symmetrical and asymmetric zones. Is used to stimulate areas on face, to treat children, etc. To purchase ‘Click Here’


Cosmetology Probe

The SCENAR Cosmetology Probe In order to gain beautiful outlining of a face you need to pay thorough attention to a large number of facial muscles. Each one of us has absolutely unique layout of muscles and nerves, thus the location of zones on a face, which are to be processed by SCENAR device for […]


Connection Wire

The SCENAR Connector Wire Lead Wire to electrode from above adapter. (the one in this image is required for finger probe or for pads or garments). To purchase ‘Click Here’



The RITM SCENAR Intermediate Device (Home Device) The RITMSCENAR intermediate device is designed by OKB RITM for use at home, during business trips, when travelling by plane, train, etc. to relieve any pain and to reduce traumatic pain. The home device is even smaller than a TV remote control, weight is 200 grams. The home […]



The RITM SCENAR PROFESSIONAL Bundle Built with a new look The RITMSCENAR professional is only to be used by scenar trained medical professionals. The RITMSCENAR professional carries the CE mark and is manufactured in The Netherlands. The outer casing has been totally rethought and has a nicer appearance, but the main difference between the new […]

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